Saturday October 1

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That time of year again: mabon behind us, samhain very near, and thanksgiving right on our doorstep. All hallow’s eve remains the last source of the season’s colour before we’re all washed out by the sterility of snow… 

As the days give way to longer nights, and our shady leaves fall at the gust of winter’s cool annunciation, the cabin-warmth and comfort of our confinement can be hard to resist.

But in a few final, dithyrambic convulsions, we briefly reject winter’s imposition with the celebrations of our years’ work: all the crops we’ve sown, all the art we’ve created, the hours put in at the office.

So for one night of the year, we all declaim, "no!": We will not be oppressed by darkness! We will not be servile to the warmth of our homes, confined by its walls!

Haven’t figured it out yet?

OK, enough with the pagan crap—we all know we’re going out on Saturday night to see awesome shit, get wasted, and party until dawn or end up dehydrated and passed out in the gutter to be mistaken for a piece of socially-aware performance art.

But, of course, there’s more nuance to the night than that, so tell us!

We want to know: what will you be doing? What are you going to see? What’s going to make up the bulk of your night’s awesomeness?

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