Amber Alert Issued at 5:11 PM Friday 24 August 2012

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UPDATE - Release Immediately 24 Aug 2012

NEW INFORMATION - Vehicle - 2006 Dodge Caravan silver, rental vehicle with unknown Ontario or Quebec Licence plate Two males possibly in vehicle also along with the female and two abducted children listed below.

MEDIA Contact Thomas RUTTAN 905-453-3311 extension 4027 Peel Police Service PLEASE BROADCAST THE FOLLOWING UPON RECEIPT THE PEEL POLICE SERVICE HAS REQUESTED AN AMBER ALERT FOR TWO ABDUCTED CHILDREN IN PEEL REGION. Victim 1 Louis GALLEGO-HAMMADIEH, Age 9 Victim 2 Benny GALLEGO-HAMMADIEH, Age 8 Believed to be in the company of Randa HAMMADIEH (female) Age 33 Details of Incident: Biological Mother at 11:20am abducted two children from foster home In the company of 2 unknown males driving the vehicle used in the abduction. Headed towards highway 410 in Brampton.

Amber Alert

Issued at 5:11 PM Friday 24 August 2012



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